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Productividad Diseño gráfico
Desarrollador Lucky Bytes GmbH
11.99 USD

Print your drawings accurately to scale.
Create poster-size printouts on multiple pages.

ScalenPrint allows you to create really big printouts using your standard printer. This works with any bitmap image. It is done by tiling the image into as many pages as necessary. You then print these pages, cut and glue them together. Five easy steps lead to your printout:
(1) Open a file with ScalenPrint
(2) Drag a dimension line and enter the desired length
(3) Print
(4) Cut pages along cut lines
(5) Align at registration marks and glue the pages together

We found ScalenPrint useful in many different domains:
• Architecture
• Construction
• Floor plans
• Joinery
• Mechanical engineering
• Model building hobby
• Model railroad
• Scale model making
• Scroll saw patterns
• Sketching
… Guess whats next!